Advent & Nativity Journey for your children.

The beginning of the church year is marked with the season of Advent. The word “Advent” comes from the Latin word “Adventus” which means arrival or coming. The Advent season is one of preparation, reflection, hope and excitement as we wait for the arrival of Jesus.

There are ways of helping our children understand Advent as a time of waiting, preparation and anticipation by doing some of the following:

The Nativity Journey

A wonderful way to help children prepare for the coming of Jesus is to use the Nativity Journey in the home.

Click here to download the Nativity Journey.

Enjoy a special time with your children as you wait for the wonderful celebration of Christmas.

The Advent Wreath

The use of the Advent wreath with four candles has been an Advent ritual for hundreds of years. The Advent Wreath is a symbol of the 4 week wait for Jesus’ birth.

  • The green branches remind us of the new life we have in Jesus, the circle represents the eternity of God’s love for us - with no beginning and no end. 
  • The Candles:

    First Purple: “Candle of Hope” It symbolizes faith in God keeping his promises to humanity and reminds us to be patient for his arrival. Light this each day the First Week of Advent.

    Second Purple: The second is called the “Candle of Preparation," reminding Christians to "get ready" to receive God. Light two purple candles the Second Week of Advent.

    Pink Candle: "Candle of Joy." It recalls the angels joyfully singing about the birth of Christ. Light the Pink and two purple the Third week of Advent.

    Third Purple Candle: "Candle of Love" reminds Christians that God loves them enough to send his only Son to Earth because he loves us. Light three purple and pink on the Fourth Week of Advent.

    White Candle: The "Christ Candle," the white candle in the center, reminds us that Jesus is the spotless lamb of God sent to bring us Forgiveness, Hope and Joy. This candle is lit on Chritmas day on its own.

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