Pastoral Council Purpose and Members

 "The purpose of St Mochta’s Pastoral Council is to lead our faith community
to live the message of Jesus, to love God and our 

The Parish Pastoral Council Members for 2020 are:

Byran Maher – Chairperson

Fr. Paul Ward p.p; Deacon Tim Murphy;

Mary Greene; John Sherwood;

Orla Leonard; Sara Okoro;

Keith McAuley; Ethna Dorman; 

Jackie Sherwood; Brendan McCarthy;

Jonathan McNulty; Phillip Bohan

The Pastoral Council meet each Month. If you wish to contact them please write to the Council and drop a into the Pastoral Parish Centre for their attention.

The Aim of our Parish Pastoral Council

The Aim of the Parish Pastoral Council:

Pope Paul VI stated that the pastoral council is "to examine and consider all that relates to pastoral work and to offer practical conclusions on these matters, so that the life and activity of the People of God be brought into greater conformity with the Gospel. When we look at this definition, we see that it has three parts. When we look at this definition, we see that it has three parts.

The first part of the definition states that councils examine pastoral matters. The term"pastoral matters" is very broad. In short, it means, whatever pertains to the work of the Parish Priest, including the well being of the community, the needs of the parish and concerns that will need attention in the future. The pastoral council identifies these issues and studies them thoroughly.