A Brief History

altSt Mochta’s National School – a brief history.

The original school still stands on the banks of the Royal Canal. It is situated to the right of the road built in 1853.

The school was officially opened on 16th January 1854. It was replaced by a three classroom building fronting the Clonsilla Road at the junction to Porterstown Road in 1963. The building was replaced by the present structure in 1986.

The school plaque on the front wall of the school records the dates of the three National Schools that have served the parish: 1854 – 1963 – 1986.

The school crest shows a Willow Tree, Cluain Saileach = The Meadow of the Willow Tree.

The first tree planted after the school was opened was a Willow Tree situated behind the centre of the school yard (1986).

The school motto – “Ag Criost on Siol”, is the first line of a poem: To Christ belongs a seed or “All life comes from God”