Missal OpenMinisters of the Word

Ministers of the Word are lay people called by God through the church to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. The reader in any liturgical celebration proclaims the Word of God.

The bishops at Vatican II were insistent that the riches of the Bible should be opened up to the people of God. They took up the image of the two ‘tables’ the ‘table of the Word’ and the ‘table of the Eucharist’.

The reader’s task is to proclaim those parts of the Word of God which make way for the Gospel, prepare for it and set the scene so that the Gospel can be heard and take root in the hearts of the community.

In practical terms the reader must prepare well to ensure that the Word is heard, understood and appreciated. Ministers of the Word are the instrument of the personal dialogue between God and His people.

Ministers of the Eucharisttabernacle

The title Eucharistic Minister is a title given to laity who have been authorised by Church Clergy to administer and distribute the ‘True Presence of Jesus Christ’, i.e. the ‘Consecrated Host’, ‘Holy Communion’, ‘Eucharist’, to other parishioners during, and even outside of, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Eucharistic Ministers can also distribute ‘Holy Communion’ to those who are sick and unable or incapable of attending the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Specific training and instruction are generally given to people before becoming a Eucharistic Minister, whereby special consideration is given to such candidates who are first reviewed and deemed qualified to undertake such responsibility.

St Mochta’s Liturgy for Children Ministry

The Children’s Liturgy Team are a voluntary group who help prepare liturgical activities for both the 10.30 and 12 o’clock masses when they present a Children’s Liturgy in our Pastoral Parish Centre on Sundays.

They promote the involvement of Parents and children in an active way within the Liturgy and particularly during important celebrations e.g., Easter, Christmas.

If your interested in assisting with the children please email Mary Greene at

St Mochta’s Funeral Ministry.

The Funeral Ministry Team assist and help families at time of a bereavement with prayers in the home, reception of the remains in the Church and also with the graveside liturgy.

If you are interested in becoming a Minister within any of the above groups please contact Fr Paul, at (01) 8213218.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

St Mochta’s Church Car Park

Please note that St Mochta’s Church Car Park is for the use of Church going Congregation only at this time.  A recent incident of irresponsible behaviour has highlighted a lack of respect for Parish staff and volunteers,  our church grounds, and gardens. Fr Paul

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Easter Celebrations 2022

Holy Week Timetable 2022 Palm Sunday—10th April Vigil Mass—9th April at 6pm - Palms will be Blessed Palm Sunday Masses at 10:30am and 12 noon. Blessed Palms will be available in the church between 1pm and 7pm. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Holy Week   Mass at 10am...

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Mass Schedule of Church’s in Dublin 15

MASS SCHEDULE for Church’s in Dublin 15 PORTERSTOWN PARISH St. Mochta’s Weekday masses on Monday and Friday at 10am during July and August Sunday - 11am CASTLEKNOCK PARISH Our Lady Mother of the Church Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday - 10.00am Thursday - 7.30pm...

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Re-opening our Church to Full Capacity

A message from Fr Paul: The good news is that we continue to ease restrictions and I am delighted to say we are now able to return to ‘full capacity’ in the church from this weekend. We welcome the return of everyone, and with the ongoing support of our stewards, will...

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Celtic Journey with St Joseph

In response to Pope Francis' announcement of the Year of St. Joseph, Vox Hiberniae have put together a "A Celtic Journey with St. Joseph" celebrating St. Joseph's life with Harp, Voice and Strings. It will air on World Day of Refugees and Father's Day - Sunday 20th...

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Church Reopening for Public Mass

We are delighted that Public worship resumes from Monday, 10th May and we welcome the return of everyone. Present restrictions issued by HSE and Government:  We must keep a social spacing of 2 metres between each person (front, back, left and right).  Family members...

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Trocáire Lenten Campaign 2021

Trócaire Lenten Campaign: Trócaire’s Lenten campaign for 2021, ‘Until Love Conquers Fear’, tells the stories of two families in South Sudan whose lives have been impacted by conflict. Awut and Ajak are shining examples of resilience, friendship and solidarity. This...

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Pope Francis proclaims 2021 as the “Year of St Joseph”

Reposted from Vatican News This year, with the Apostolic Letter “Patris corde” (“With a Father’s Heart”), Pope Francis recalls the 150th anniversary of the declaration of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. To mark the occasion, the Holy Father has...

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