Wedding Flowers

Flower arrangements


Our church is small by city standards but the space is usually adequate. The seats and kneelers may not be moved for any reason.

  • Floral Arches should not be used – there is no space for them and they obstruct the view of the congregation.
  • Pots and other out-door arrangements must be removed after the wedding.

We recommend the following florists:

  • Justin at Justins, Main Street, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. Ph: 8213286
  • Dolores O’Leary, Dunboyne Flowers, Ph:  087 2491056/8252443
  • Eileen Fagan, Sunflower Design, Ph:  086 4041572,
  • Ruta’s Flowers, Castleknock Dublin 15 Ph: 086 3752085;

The above listed Florists know the church and are able to recommend the most appropriate arrangements.

No Confetti, Rice or Flowers Petals can be used either in the Church or within the Church grounds.

With over 100 weddings a year in our church we would like you to have consideration for the next wedding couple. As a result it is important that the church, the grounds and surrounding areas are kept clean and tidy.