Altar Servers

Are you interested in becoming an Altar Server?


Boys and girls who have received their First Holy Communion are now welcome to become Altar Servers in our Parish.

As a Server you have a special ministry in the Church.  Being a server means serving God and his people at Mass. That is what makes serving Mass worth doing, and worth doing well.  What you do there and how you do it can help other people to understand the Mass better and make their love for God stronger.

The role of the Altar Server is very important because he/she is one of the closest persons to the Altar and to the Priest representing Jesus Christ during the celebration of the Holy Mass.  Pope Francis said that “The closer you are to the altar, the more you will remember to speak with Jesus in daily prayer; the more you will be nourished by the word and the body of the Lord, the better able you will be to go out to others, bringing them the gift that you have received, giving in turn with enthusiasm the joy you have received.”

Altar Servers Candidates should have: 
1. a strong desire to serve at the Altar of Our Lord Jesus Christ 
2. already received their First Holy Communion,
3. a regular personal prayer time and,
4. an active interest  in the parish community.

Altar Servers are required at either the Saturday evening Mass or Sunday morning Masses each week and training is provided for new Altar Servers. 

A consent/application form is available by speaking to Fr Paul, after any mass or by ringing (01) 8213218 or email