Child Protection Policy

The Archdiocese of Dublin, as a constituent member of the Catholic Church in Ireland, recognises and upholds the dignity and rights of all children, is committed to ensuring their safety and well-being and will work in partnership with parents/ guardians to do this. The Archdiocese recognises each child as a gift from God, and values and encourages the participation of children in all activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

All diocesan personnel (including clergy, religious, staff, and volunteers) have a responsibility to safeguard children through promoting their welfare, health, and development in a safe and caring environment that supports their best interests and prevents abuse. Please click here for full details at Dublin Diocesan Website.

Every effort is made to try and ensure that children participating in all aspects of parish life are safe and welcome. I encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the material available to promote best practice in our parish and in our daily lives.

The Child protection policy that operates in our parish is available from the parish office and sacristy. In our parish, we have two Child Protection Representatives (Michael Stacey) who can be contacted at 01 8213218. Please click here to read the statement in full: Diocesan-Safety-Statement-Poster-2023

A copy of our Diocesan Policy on Child Safeguarding using this link.

Please find useful links below for support and information on Garda Vetting, its policy and procedures:

Information on Safeguarding Children from the National Board for Safeguarding children, Maynooth College, in the Catholic Church is available by using this link.

The state guidelines Children First apply in all our schools and Guidelines in the Diocese are consistent with state policy.

It is of utmost importance that anyone who may have suffered abuse or who knows of anyone who may have suffered abuse is aware that they can contact the Child Protection Service of the Archdiocese at 01 8360314.  Please see the procedure for making complaints by clicking this link.

It is the responsibility of every member of our Parish to read the Policy and Procedures for Child Safeguarding in our Parish and Diocese. If you have any questions on any aspect of Child Safeguarding please contact our Parish Representatives.

Thank you,
Fr Paul,