A Compilation of Children's Liturgy Zoom Sessions during Covid 19

Our Children's Liturgy team have been really busy running the Liturgy over Zoom during Covid 19.  A very special thanks to Phil Brennan and Gaby Rivas who spent many hour behind a camera or a computer producing many beautiful Godly Play stories of the Gospels during this time. They have put together a compilation of images from that time and we hope you enjoy them.

Parents please accompany your child for the duration of the Video.

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The Feast of Corpus Chrisit

altToday the Children's Liturgy Team have prepared a video which explains Corpus Christi, the bread of life which is the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Parents please ensure that you stay with your child while accessing and playing the video. 

Click here to find out about Holy Communion and the Bread of Life.

The Holy Trinity

altJoin our Children's Liturgy Team this week and learn about the 'Holy Trinity',the three persons in one God.  
God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.trinity


Click here to access the Godly Play Session.

The Mystery of Pentecost

altOur Children's Liturgy Group have a special presentation called 'The Mystery of Pentecost' which is the highest point of the Church year and also a very special celebration for everyone in St Mochta's Church this year as it is the 130th birthday of the Church.

Phil and Gaby would like you to access the video about the wonderful mystery of Pentecost here  We hope you enjoy it and have a lovely weekend.

Knowing Jesus in a New Way - from Easter to Pentecost

altThe Fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost are celebrated in joyful exultation as one feast day, or better as one "great Sunday." These above all others are the days for the singing of the Alleluia.

The Sundays of this season rank as the paschal Sundays and, after Easter Sunday itself, are called the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Sundays of Easter. The period of fifty sacred days ends on Pentecost Sunday. 

On the fortieth day after Easter, the Ascension is celebrated and directs our attention to Christ, who ascended into heaven before the eyes of his disciples, who is now altseated at the right hand of the Father, invested with royal power, who is there to prepare a place for us in the kingdom of heaven; and who is destined to come again at the end of time.

This sacred season of fifty days comes to an end on Pentecost Sunday, which commemorates the giving of the Holy Spirit to the apostles, the beginnings of the Church and its mission to every tongue and people and nation.The weekdays after the Ascension until the Saturday before Pentecost inclusive are a preparation for the coming of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.

Our Children’s Liturgy Team have put together a Godly play "Knowing Jesus in a New Way".
It is basically telling the story of what happened between Jesus 's Ressurection to Pentecost and
ideally should be looked at week by week. The full video contains each week's story so you can
reflect in short weekly sessions. 
Many thanks to our Children's Liturgy Group.

Parents: we ask that you accompany your children as they view the video.

 Click here to watch the Godly Play each week.


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The parable of the Good Shepherd

Parable of the Good ShepherdThe Parable of the Good Shepherd

The parable of the Good shepherd is a wonder story of God's love and mercy for each and everyone of us. Our Children's Liturgy team have prepared a wonderful Godly Play for you this week on the story of the Good Shepherd.  The Good Shepherd represents God and the sheep in the story are the people, each of us, whome God loves and protects. We hope you enjoy it.

Parents please accompany your child with as you view the video.
Please click here to view the video

Celebrating Mary during May - Create a May Altar

Creating a 'May Altar'Creating a May Altar

Hi everyone, Phil has made a video on ways to create a May altar to honour Mary, Our Mother. Use your imagination and add to your altar the best you can at this time.

Parents please accompany your child with as you view the video.
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An Eastertide Reflection

Eastertide Reflection

An Eastertide Reflection

Join our Children's Liturgy with a meditative reflection on the Mystery of the risen Christ.

Parents please accompany your child with as you view and pray.
Click the link to view and pray together. 


Prayer for Divine Mercy Sunday

prayerfordivinemercyPrayer for Divine Mercy for Kids

To view a short and simple prayer service with your children, join Gaby in this lovely reflection for Divine Mercy.

Parents please accompany your child with as you view and pray.
Click here to view the service.